While she was listening to a performance of Marielle Nordmann, at age 7, Lucie Berthomier discovered a true passion for the harp.

She studied in the CNSMD in Lyon and was awarded a master's degree as performer summa cum laude in June 2014.

In the same year she got a financial aid from ADAMI to subsidize her Lyon and Healy 150 concert harp.

During her studies she discovered a passion for ethnomusicology and in particular the kora, a west African harp, so she decided on a study trip to Mali and then wrote a memoir on the mandingo society and the griots.

At the same time she was the winner of the "Concours international de Tournai" in Belgium and the "Concours de Nice" in France.

She is called to play within professional orchestras such as the Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon, Orchestre Philarmonique de Strasbourg or the Orchestre des Siècles in Paris.


Concerned with the disclosing of her instrument and passionate for chamber music, Lucie regularly performs with different musical groups from duo to septet. For that matter she had the opportunity to attend a quintet tour with the musicians of the Opéra de Lyon and the soprano Nathalie Dessay, in December 2015. Lucie is also part of the Kaïnos Ensemble, specialized in the transcription and adaptation of the classical singing repertoire to new theatre acts.


Eager to hand over her passion, Lucie has been a harp teacher in the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental in Saint Nazaire since 2016 and is achieving her second year of a master's degree in teaching in the CNSMD in Lyon.

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