La feuille de cet arbre qui de l'Orient

A été confié à mon jardin

Donne à apprécier un sens caché

Capable d'édifier l'initié.

Est-ce un seul être vivant

Qui s'est scindé en lui-même ?

En sont-ce deux qui s'élisent

Au point qu'on les connaît comme un seul ?

Pour répliquer à de telles questions

J'ai sans doute trouvé le vrai sens :

Ne ressens-tu pas, à mes chants,

Que je suis un et double ?

Goethe, extrait du Divan occidental-oriental

Traduction de Serge Meitinger


Duo GINKGO started at the encounter between two young  girls, graduated from the CNSMD (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon). Both passionately fond of chamber music, Ludivine Moreau and Lucie Berthomier discovered their shared sensitivity and  then decided to pursue their musical careers together : they have created Duo GINKGO.

Ludivine and Lucie share their passion for music by helping  the audience with the discovery of their instruments through an original and varied repertoire. Around  multiple programme themes,  they use energy and delicacy to play pieces of the repertoire written for duo – from  baroque to contemporary musics – and do not hesitate to reappropriate some pieces they  transcribe for their instruments. They feel dedicated to make the music accessible to all : in the concert performances they present their musical programmes and for each piece, its own specificity for a better understanding of the music they propose.

In order to broaden its horizons, Duo GINKGO transcribes jazz standards, pop songs and folk music as an invitation to a creative musical journey.

The Duo GINKGO   was named after Goethe’s poem which subtly reminds the emblematic tree growing in the Lyon CNSMD’s park, where the two musicians first met.

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